Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's a Day?

On the way to the library today, the kids had the following conversation:
Andrew (overhearing Natalie chatter about Easter):  Natalie, what's Easter?
Natalie:  Easter is the day we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.
*at this point, I am thinking that this whole homeschooling gig may not be so hard after all.  All I have to do is teach the oldest one, and she'll teach the rest.  This is totally do-able for me!
Andrew:  What's a day?
Natalie:  What's a day?
Andrew:  yeah, what's a day?
*now the pressure is really on
Natalie: uhhhh....a day is a year of the day...a year of the time...yeah, a year of the time
Andrew:  How does a day do that?
Natalie:  Well, uh...remember how yesterday we....Mom, what was yesterday?
Me:  Monday
Natalie:  right...sunday, monday, ok, right, Andrew, listen, yesterday was Monday, today is Tuesday, tomorrow is Wednesday, and the day after that is Friday
*by this point, Andrew has lost all interest in this conversation and is focused on the inner workings of his pirate scope...Natalie, however, keeps on mumbling about the days of the week and I'm half expecting her to break out in song over the whole thing...perhaps my theory on teaching only the oldest is just a bit flawed, but I'm not giving up on the idea yet!

I love these moments!


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