Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sneak Peak

There's been a project in my sewing queue that I've been really wanting to work on, and I finally got the chance to start on it yesterday!  Here's a little preview:

I can't wait to see the finished result!  Oh, and for the record, that costume material is a beast to work with!  I mean, just sewing two pieces together is fine, but finishing the edges is darn near impossible without a serger.  So, I have been getting some good practice with the zig-zag stitch on my machine.  Hope everyone is having a nice Father's Day weekend!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Little Thoughts

Been awhile since I've done one of these (or, any blog post, for that matter ;)

 While bathing the kids:
Rachel:  "Can I have one?"  (referring to some liquid shampoo)
Andrew:  "Can I have some, too?"
Me:  "Sure."
I give a little bit to each of them, and Rachel proceeds to wash her hair, but Andrew says "Now what??"
Me:  "Wash your belly."
Andrew:  "Do I put my hands in the water first?"
Me:  "Yeah, you can."
So, he puts his hands in the water and rubs them together...
Me:  "Can you wash your hair?"
Andrew:  "Nah...I don't think so."
....of course not.  Now it's Natalie's turn to bathe, and she has this big, red splotch on her tummy:

Natalie:  "You have to be gentle when you bathe me, because Andrew speared me."
Me:  "What do you mean 'he speared' you?"
Natalie:  "He took his sword and put his broken screwdriver on the end of it, and made a spear, then speared me with it."
Me:  "Oh, I'm so sorry..."

Soooo, let me get this straight:  the boy can't wash his own hair, but he can fashion a spear using a Nerf sword and a plastic screwdriver???  Sounds par for the course =)  That boy is too silly!  Later, we were watching Peter Pan, and we got to the part where Peter goes to bring Tiger Lily back to her Father. Wendy is in the background saying, "Peter, oh Peter, wait for me!" Andrew says: "Ugh! She is SO slow, right?!"....awww, it was his first real experience at being completely baffled by women! That boy has a long road ahead of him ;)  

Oh, the difference between boys and girls never cease to amuse amaze me.  I do love those children, and how much silliness and fun they bring to my life!

Although, sometimes a little peace and quiet is good, too....;)


Rachel: "I don't want my hamich (aka sandwich); I want to hit Wuke's back."
Me: Uhhhh, I'm gonna say 'no' to that one.
The other day, Natalie decided to put labels on everyone.....incorrectly O_o:
they boy's name is Luke!

A cousin of ours: "What did y'all do with all the crawfish you peeled?" Me: "put it in the freezer." Natalie: "yeah, to make crawfish staytoufee..."

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