Monday, March 15, 2010

Over the River and Through the Woods.... Grandmother's house we went.  Ok, maybe we didn't actually go through the woods this weekend, but we did go over the river to Grandmother's house.  We went over the great and mighty Mississippi River, in fact, via the not-so-great, but mighty Huey P. Long Bridge.  I really don't like crossing over that thing!  It is so scary.  If you've never been across it, or have never heard of it, it is a very high and narrow bridge (with a railroad track that runs down the center lane) that goes over the Mississippi River.  And, it makes me feel like I'm going to fall right off of it.  But, we made it home safe and alive, so it's all good now!   After Mass yesterday, we headed on down the Bayou to Phil's very small hometown to visit his family for lunch and supper.  He is from one of those really cute, quaint, small, Cajun towns where every body knows every body (mostly because they are all related some how =).  Imagine trying to find a wife or husband in that town, only to find out you are second cousins, twice removed, or something like that!  Two of Phil's cousins actually went all the way to Michigan to find wives.  Ironically, their wives are sisters, which now makes them both first cousins AND brother-in-laws.  And, their kids will be first and second cousins...I think...right?!  I'm probably not really helping the impression that outsiders have of small town living...their perception is bad enough with out the "this is my first cousin and my brother-in-law" bit.  Ah well...I digress!    It was a long overdue trip!  It had been awhile since the kids had seen their grand-parents.  I am one of those incredibly lucky individuals who has been blessed with in-laws that actually like the woman their son married....I think...they put up a good front if they don't ;)  I always hear about families who do not get along with their in-laws, and every time I hear those stories, I can't help but feel anything other than gratitude for the family I have gained since marrying Phil.  While Phil is the oldest of 6, I am the youngest of 4, so his 5 little brothers and sisters are like the younger siblings I never had!  It's great.  And, I use the term 'little' very loosely...I am easily a foot shorter than all of them, but that's ok...they love me despite my vertical challenge =).  Besides, I have a house full of people to reach things that I can't whenever they are around!  Anyway, we had a really great day yesterday.  We ate, visited, played croquet, and just enjoyed the beautiful weather outside.  The kids love going because they get to jump on the trampoline.  We play croquet a lot in the summer when we get together (it's actually really fun!), and in the 6 1/2 years since I have been in the picture, I think I have lost EVERY game, and Dad has won EVERY game.  That game is harder than it looks, people, so no judging!  

Girls in the wagon: 


 Rachel enjoying the ride:

 Natalie spent quite awhile cutting the grass with a pair of scissors while the rest of us played croquet:

Andrew looking for his croquet ball: 

 Andrew trying to juggle like his Uncle Paul:

Phil's youngest 3 siblings are self-taught at juggling.  They are really good at it, too!  The kids got a kick out of it.  Here's their Uncle Paul showing off his skills:


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