Monday, March 22, 2010

Today I choose 'yes'...

...because Mary chose 'yes'; first of all to God, and in turn to all of mankind.  There is a very good article over at Faith & Family Live by Sarah Reinard on the Annunciation (the Feast day of which is this Thursday!).  And, so, after reading it, how could I possibly not say 'yes' to all that God asks me today??  Especially in the little things.  I think it is easier, at times, to say yes to the big things.  Not because the big things are particularly easier to do, but because the motivation is greater.  The motivation to be seen in a good light in front of others, to get that pat on the back, that "well done".  For me, it is easier to say 'yes', and follow through with that yes when it means I get some kind of human respect out of it (sad, I know, but true).  As a wife and mother, the hardest things for me to say yes to are those things that nobody sees and those things that will most likely go unappreciated.  So, when the kids came and found me while I was putting the baby to sleep (they have a radar, you know - somehow they *always* walk in and start hollering for me just when Rachel closes her eyes!  How do they do that?!), and asked me if I would go play sidewalk chalk with them, I chose 'yes'.  And then, when they asked to eat a picnic out in the sunshine, I chose 'yes'.  I'm glad I did.  It was nice; and, it took my mind off of other not so pleasant things occurring in the world today.  

Now, my 'yes' is going to have to move on to less fun things, for the breakfast dishes seem to have bred while we were outside, and the laundry room smells like diapers.

"ecce ancilla Domini; fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum" 
~Our Lady


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