Friday, March 26, 2010

The Joys of Laundry

Remember those days when you were a child, and the rule was that if your Mom found any money in the laundry, she got to keep it?  It was really just a ploy for her to motivate you to do your own laundry, so she no longer had to fold your underwear, but nevertheless, I am looking forward to that phase.  How fun to find dollars here and there that I get to keep and spend on coffee and such!  But, seeing as my kids are too young to even have a penny to their name, this is what I am stuck with:

Yes, that is a dead animal carcass that made it's way into one of my kids' pockets, and made it through the wash.  I just have no idea what to even think about this one.  Gross!!!  At least I found it before Rachel used it as a teething toy.  Blech!  The kids are sleeping right now, so I'm kind of anxious for them to wake up so I can get the story behind this little treasure. 


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