Monday, March 8, 2010

If you give a man pride, he'll probably want some humility to go with it

Like most people, I suffer severely from the illness that is pride (I throw in the 'like most people' disclaimer because it makes me feel better - yet another symptom of my pride).  So, like any good Catholic would, I strive for the opposing virtue of humility (albeit unsuccessfully most days), and especially so during Lent.  The problem with working towards, and praying for humility, though, is that you get...well, humiliated!  And, I'm not talking about the idealistic kind of humility where you are in situations that require you to humbly respond to compliments and say things like "oh, thank you!  Really it was nothing.  I hardly did anything."  When I pray for humility, it always ends up coming in the form of situations where I walk away wanting to put my head under a rock because I'm so embarrassed and completely mortified.  Things that bring me to tears embarrassing.  I'd give examples, but once around the block is enough!  I guess that's really the point, though...*sigh*


Nicole said...

I think it would help you to grow in humilty to share your emabarrasing moments with all of blogdom.

Cathy LeBlanc said... first, please :)

Nicole said...

I am already humble enough ;-)

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