Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tha Parable of the Sower

Today's Gospel about the sower is so appropriate for my day as I'll be working on getting the soil into my garden today.  I love how Christ's parables are so timeless and applicable to every person in each generation, but at the same time were so specific to His time and day.  He always used parables that met people where they were.  With the Apostles, He spoke about fishing, to families about baking bread, and to the particular group at the lakeside in today's Gospel about planting seeds.  Now, I'm no Biblical scholar, but I'd be willing to bet that a fair amount of these people by the lake were gardeners.  And not the recreational gardeners of today either!  I mean serious gardeners who grew crops or didn't eat.  So, when Christ was talking about seeds falling on rocky ground or on the side of the path, I can imagine these people nodding their heads and relating to the process of good planting.  Now for me, if Christ hadn't gone on to explain the parable and what it meant, I probably would have never really gotten it, and Christ would not have been quite so accessible for me.  But, luckily, He knows what I need so He elaborates more.  And I can't help but wonder what kind of parables He would give had the Word Incarnate been born into our generation.  Perhaps the 'parable of the blogger', or the 'parable of the podcaster', or the 'parable of the internet user'.  Not that these things are bad or wrong (lots of good can be accomplished through different media forms if used well), but we seem to have gotten away from the simplest kind of living - things like fishing, farming, and gardening and just enjoying the world that God created for us.  So, I am hoping that in trying to live as simple a life as possible in today's modern world - with a good balance of technology - I can learn to know Christ better, and thus serve Him better.  

Ok...onto the daunting task of filling my raised bed with lots of rich soil so that I can produce an abundant harvest for my family!!!


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