Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy St. Valentine's Day!

Sancte Valentinus, Ora Pro Nobis!
Every year, our homeschool group has a Valentine's party at the park where the kids all bring decorated bags/boxes, and share Valentine's cards and candy with each other.  Now, normally I don't do the whole 'decorate a bag or box' thing, because I just can't seem to get everything together for that kind of craft project, so I usually just bring a Target bag, or a pink or red gift bag...I know, my kids are so deprived O_o.  But, this year, things just fell into place!  First of all, our neighbor brought over a box of those foam sticker things for the kids, and they were all Valentine themed.  Second of all, we have all been sick lately and using LOTS of tissue, so I happen to have a bunch of empty tissue boxes laying around. (speaking of tissues...I have to give a shout out to Puff's Plus Lotion with Vicks!  Oh.my.gosh!  best stuff ever...they are like a little piece of heaven for a sick nose)  And third, Luke was taking a nap =).  So, this year, we will have cutesie Valentine boxes for the homeschool party!  Poor Andrew...all that pink and purple!!

Rachel spent more time putting all the little foam stickers IN her box instead of ON...

but, I at least convinced her to keep her name on her box ;)

The aftermath...another reason I tend to gravitate away from these types of crafts...all those little pieces of paper to sweep up O_o  So much for catching up on laundry today...



JOYfilled Family said...

cute craft and kids!
Deo gratias!
enjoy your laundry. all those clothes represent your many blessings.
pax Christi - lena

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