Friday, June 25, 2010

Little Thoughts

Natalie asked me a question today, and I gave her an answer.  After that, she proceeded to argue, so I told her:

Me:  "Natalie, I gave you my answer...I didn't ask you to argue about it."
Natalie:  "Next time, if you ask me to, then can I argue about it?"
Me (with a wry smile):  "Yes, of course."
Natalie: "Okay!" (and then she runs off)

As if I'll ever ask her to argue with a decision I make...hahahahaha!


A couple of days ago, Andrew asked if he and Natalie could play with play-dough.  I told him sure, but he had to pick up whatever was laying on the floor first.  He got all excited, and said "Thanks, Mom!  You're the best!"  I was feeling pretty happy at this point, until Natalie chimed in "No, she's not!"  Who knows what that grudge was about!!


I guess now that Rachel is starting to say words (not necessarily coherent to others, but I totally know what she is trying to say, as only a mother can =), I should start including her in my "Little Thoughts" posts.  Yesterday, I was cooking dinner while the older ones napped, and Rachel was playing with pots, pans, and an array of spoons on the floor by my feet.  I picked up a spatula that she had next to her, so I could use it, and she got mad at me and said "Mine!".  Feisty little thing!  She can also be very sweet, though...a couple of weeks ago, she said "I love you" for the first time!  It was so cute =)  It kind of all blended into one syllable, but I know that's what she was saying, because she repeated it after I said it to her first.  I love hearing them figure out how to say things.  


Mary said...

Found you through Catholic Mothers Online's New Blog Roll and am now following! Nice to meet another Southern Catholic Mom!

Kathleen's Catholic said...

I remember those years! I kept the pots and pans in a cabinet that was easy for the baby to get into--the only cabinet without a baby lock. The boys loved playing with spoons and pots. So easy to entertain them at this precious age!

Love your pics. Adorable.

Now our boys are teenagers, so their toys and adventures are much more complicated. But my kids are still adorable and a lot of fun! :-)

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