Thursday, May 6, 2010

Little Thoughts

Andrew came to me in full Pirate regalia and said:

Andrew:  Mom, can you put my pirate hat on so I can get married?
Me:  You're getting married?
Andrew:  Yes, I need my pirate hat on.
Me:  Ok, come see...I'll help you.  Who are you marrying?
Andrew:  Natalie
Me:  Natalie?
Andrew:  yes, Natalie
Me:  ok
Andrew (without skipping a beat):  I was in the castle, and there was a witch, and I shoot her, and I killed her, and I cut her, and I ate the castle.
Me:  you ate her?
Andrew:  yes, in the castle.
Me:  *trying not to laugh*  what did she taste like?
Andrew:  the witch?
Me:  yes, the witch
Andrew:  she tasted sour...I ate her in the castle
Me:  wow...ok
Andrew:  Now, I have to wait for Natalie to come back so we can get married...

Not sure if this is exactly a healthy use of his imagination, but it was still pretty funny.  The whole time we are having this conversation, Rachel has pulled up on the side of the chair that I am sitting in, and is going:
Rachel (while continually patting me on the leg):  mom, mommy, mom, momma, mommy, mom....
Me:  yes, Rachel?
Rachel:  she babbles for about 2 minutes, and then goes about her business of playing with a stick.

Whatever it was she was trying to say, she made sure I heard it!  Natalie was inside, busy getting all dressed up in her Princess clothes while all this was going doubt getting ready for the wedding ;)  Never a dull moment over here!



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