Monday, May 3, 2010

The Great Fencing Project - Part Deux

**just a clarification:  technically, the fence in these photos are not technically 100% finished...the pictures were taken *before* the face boards were put on there to cover up the camera has a mind of it's own, and works when it wills...I've yet to get pics of the fence completely finished...**

It's been awhile since I've sat down and written a blog post.  We've just been so busy lately; I've not had the time.  And, really, I should be folding laundry or sweeping right now, but I'm pretty sure 'blogging' is synonymous with 'procrastinating from house work', so here I am!  

A few weeks ago, my husband began working on putting up fencing around our property, so that the cows could get to grazing.  Last weekend, his Dad and cousin came by to help him finish up the fencing around the house.  It looks so good!!  I'm so excited about this fence.  It really dresses up the yard and makes it look beautiful.  Plus, the cows can no longer just show up on my doorstep looking for food or a place to chew their cud =)

My handyman!

The first row of boards up:

Second row of boards:

And, all three rows:

I think my favorite part of this project was the fact that it ended up being a family project.  Phil got help from his Dad, brothers, and his cousin to do the bulk of the hard work, like putting the posts in, and hanging the boards, but for the lighter work, like putting up the face boards, and a few other little things, the kids and I joined in and worked as a family to get it done.  I'm finding more and more that living in the country on a large piece of land is so great for family life!  Not that it's always perfect and happy - I mean the kids were pretty much whining the whole time because "they were tired", "we don't want to!", and "Andrew's not helping"..."Natalie's not being nice!"...blah blah blah!  But, even so, it forced them to learn to cooperate and at least try to work as a team.

Don't let those smiles fool you!  They were only posing ;)

They would carry the boards and line them up along the fence, then Phil would put the board on the face of the fence to cover the seams with one screw, and then I would go back and put the rest of the screws in.  It was work, but it was fun...

Natalie making sure Daddy gets it level:

On most afternoons, they just opted to play instead of help:

Liesel even got involved!:

I'm sure the kids will be forced to do work around here that they absolutely do not want to do, and it will cause all sorts of arguments, but in the long run, I truly believe they will benefit from life in the country...even if they never see it that way.  Having that strong sense of family, and expecting everyone to contribute to family life instills values and virtues that are hard to find else where.  Not that this can't be done if you live in the city, but I think it's harder, because when you live out in the country, life is just slower and simpler and more conducive to working together and communicating.  There's no stress of city traffic, or loud noise, or all the lights from businesses that are open 24/ seems like cities never sleep.  And, I love that my kids spend the majority of their time outside, exploring nature, catching frogs, finding baby birds, playing in the dirt, learning about farm animals and gardening.  It's amazing to see the wonder on their faces when they discover something new.  Now, don't get me wrong, there are days when all they do all day is fight, or beg to watch TV all day long (some days, I just give in to their request for my own sanity ;), or refuse to go outside, but I would say that the majority of the time, life out here is just simply awesome!  On top of all that, it's so easy for me to find God in our life here.  I'm not being constantly distracted by the glitz and glamor of the world (although, the internet does a pretty good job of filling in that hole...).  It's so peaceful and quiet - it's hard NOT to see God in nature when it's all around you.  

Anyway, I got side-tracked.  Back to the fence...we are pretty much finished with the fence around the house.

The next phase is for Phil to finish up the perimeter fencing.  He has one more side to go, I think.  After that, he has to put up the fencing to divide the property into separate paddocks, and then we'll be cow proof, or "cow tight", as he likes to say =)  In the mean time, we've got up some temporary electric fencing so that the cows can start eating on the grass that has been growing like crazy!  It needs to be eaten, and we are running low on hay, so we put up the temporary fence last week, and the cows got their first taste of the grass since we moved here.  They were beyond excited.  The littlest one just kept running through it and jumping in was so cute!  I tried to get a picture of her in action, but she was too quick...


Devin Rose said...

It's great to hear your perspective on family and country vs. city life as we are considering moving out to some acreage in the country.

Cathy said...

thanks! You know, if someone had told me when I was younger, and before I was married, that I would be living in the country, open to having a large family, and homeschooling, I probably would have laughed! I grew up in a subdivision in a city, and never imagined leaving my home town. But now, knowing what I know now (which is not really saying much =), I don't think you could pay me enough money to live the life that I imagined all those years ago. I'm still learning how to be a country wife, but learning is half the fun =)

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