Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Have You Had Your Holy Water today?

Did you know that "According to the Apostolic Constitutions, a document dating back well over 15 centuries, the use of Holy Water is attributed to a recommendation issued by St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist."*?  I once saw a friend of mine dip her hand into the Holy Water font at Mass, and then cross herself twice.  I asked her later why she did that, and she said it was because a drop of Holy Water had the power to release a soul from Purgatory into Heaven.  She said that the first time she crosses herself, it is to great Our Lord with the Sign of the Cross prayer, and the second time, she sends up a quick prayer like "Lord, release a soul to Heaven" while making the Sign of the Cross again.  Ever since then, I have taken up the same practice.  "Only in Purgatory can one understand ardently the poor souls longing for Holy Water.  If we desire to make a host of intercessors for ourselves,  let us try to realize now some of their yearnings, and never forget them at the Holy Water font.*"  That little bit of catechesis from my friend has given me a deeper love for and desire for the use of this particular sacramental.  How awesome is it that we have the capability, through God's grace, to help the souls in Purgatory with just a *single* drop of Holy Water!  If only my generosity could be greater for those souls!  So, when we made little Holy Water fonts at Natalie's December Little Flowers meeting last weekend, I was beyond excited!  I wanted to share what we did, because I thought it was such a precious little craft.  Basically, each girl received a small sponge square, a little glass votive holder, and some glitter stickers and jewels to decorate the votive holder with.  Once they were done decorating, the Moms were allowed to fill a small container with Holy Water, and then when we got home, we wet the sponge with Holy Water and put it in the votive holder.  Natalie and I decided to put hers on my teacher's desk, so that we could use it before school each day.  I really think these little fonts would make fantastic gifts for kids to make for their Catholic friends, Grandparents, Godparents, Dads to take to the office, etc.  Or, you could even make a few for around the house:  in bathrooms, night stands, mantels, laundry room...the possibilities are endless!  I especially like the sponge idea, because if you've ever used Holy Water in the home, you'll notice that it evaporates VERY quickly if you just pour some into a Holy Water font.  I have one that I inherited from my Grandmother when she passed away, and I have to say, I kind of gave up on keeping it filled, because I felt like I was wasting Holy Water it evaporated so quickly.  Now that I know this sponge thing works so well, I'm going to put one in my Grandmother's font for by the front door =).  

Here is what we did at our Little Flowers meeting.  I had Andrew with me this time, and he wanted to participate in the craft, so I let him decorate our Holy Water container =):

And, here is my font from my Grandmother...I just love this one!:

*quotes come from http://www.pwhs-mfi.org/read_me/holy_water.htm, and you can find other fun facts about Holy Water there, as well.

“I have found by experience that there is nothing from which the devils fly more quickly than from Holy Water.  They also fly from the Cross, but they return almost immediately.  Certainly, the power of Holy Water must be great; for my part, my soul feels particular comfort in taking it, and very generally a refreshment and interior delight which I cannot express.” ~St. Teresa of Avila.


Nancy said...

I really like this, Cathy! We have a Holy Water Font in our home, but it's dry most of the time! I often forget to refill my bottle and it dries up so darn fast! The sponge is an excellent idea though...maybe it won't dry up as quickly that way!
The idea of releasing souls to Heaven is awesome! You will probably find me crossing myself twice now! Thank you!

Lenetta said...

Just came across this searching for info to present to our Little Flowers later today - what a WONDERFUL post! As a Catholic mom in the country myself, I'll be doing a little more clicking around here as time permits. :)

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