Monday, November 15, 2010

Stayin Alive

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am still alive.  I haven't been blogging as regularly as I'd like to be, but we have been incredibly busy.  I have literally had a birthday party every weekend for the last 4 weekends, and one this coming weekend as well...and, one of those weekends had 2 birthday parties (including one for my Natalie) and our home school All Saints Party.  That combined with homeschooling, and the fact that I've entered my third trimester; my exhaustion level is creeping up, along with a bit of the third trimester blues.  Pretty sure that's over with now, but for the first few weeks of the third trimester, I was just sad about every little thing - whether it was logical or not.  So, every time I thought about blogging about something, it was something depressing or negative.  Now, I realize that life is not all puppies and ponies all the time, and I want my blog to be a realistic glimpse into our day, but I also realize that it can be annoying to read blogs that are just an outlet for people to complain about every.little.thing.  So, I figured it best to just take a brief hiatus for awhile.  So, I plan on getting back into blogging again now that things are slowing down a bit.  Oh, and did you notice on the little ticker on my side-bar that I have about 40 days left until our newest addition arrives?!?!  All I can say about that is:  fl;kajwrjsdoghawelhkldkniaw!  That, and I hope everything goes well...that last month of pregnancy always makes me anxious...anxious about delivery, about being able to handle another child, and, most of all, anxious to be able to meet and hold the new life that has been so close to me for so long now!!


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