Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Thoughts

At lunch today, Andrew was upset because he got the bumble bee cup instead of the dragon fly cup (don't even's an ongoing battle over here about who gets the dragon fly cup/plate/fork/spoon!).  Anyway, Natalie got the dragon fly cup, to which Andrew responded with a huge pout and said "that's not fair!"   So, I said:
Me:  Andrew, that's not can offer it up, instead.
Natalie:  Yeah!  You can offer it up for someone who doesn't get anything to drink or eat today.
Me:  That's right...some people don't get to have any lunch, like you do.
Natalie:  Some people don't get to have a bed to sleep in, either.
Andrew:  Yeah, and some people are mean!
I think he totally missed the point of that conversation.  Oh well, at least he stopped the whining and complaining about that goofy cup.  

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the way to my doctor's appointment this morning (where everything went great...the kids got to hear the baby's heartbeat, which was really cute), we were listening to the radio, and the lady on there said something about a friend who just had a new baby boy.

Natalie:  *big gasp*  Mom!  Did you hear that?  That lady said she just had a new baby boy.
Me:  Wow, that's really cool, huh?
Natalie:  Yeah!  Why don't we say a Rosary for that baby right now?
Me:  *heart melting*
Andrew:  NO!  I don't want to pray a Rosary!
Me:  Ok, Natalie and I will pray for you
Andrew:  Humph!
Me:  Ok, Natalie do you want to pray for anyone else besides that little baby?
Natalie:  No
Me:  Andrew, who do you want to pray for?
Andrew:  I'm not praying!
Me:  Ok, fine....(I prayed for Andrew =)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Lisa said...

They are too cute! We don't all come out saints right away, right? There's a learning curve for those not immaculately conceived :) HAHA!!

+JMJ+ said...

Precious! Congratulations!

You will so enjoy remembering their sweet sayings years from now....

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